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Helping You Plan For Retirement Smarter, So You Can Live Retirement Better.

Because retirement can’t wait for perfect market conditions.

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Your Guide For Retirement Incoming Planning

Whether you are planning for a retirement that is 20 years away or confounded at how to turn your savings into a viable retirement income stream, we can help.

We specialize in helping those who are near retirement or already retired answer top retirement income planning questions such as:

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“How do I avoid outliving my money?”

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“How do I get an accurate picture of what my actual income will be in retirement?”

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“What is the best investment mix if retired or close to retiring?”

Long-Term Care Virtual Webinar

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How We Help

We help you plan for retirement by creating your own “personal pension” for lifetime income in retirement.

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Nearing Retirement

It’s never too early to start retirement planning. The earlier you start, the greater peace of mind you could have. We help you envision what type of retirement you want and then plan for it, so that your dreams have the chance to become reality.

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At Retirement

A retirement that was once in the distant future is here or right around the corner. We help you ask the right questions, spot gaps that may exist in your current plan, and provide a roadmap for both the short-term and long-term so you can live a better retirement.

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How much income can you safely withdraw from your retirement accounts without risking running out of money? That is the million dollar question, and we guide you in discovering your own personal answer.

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About Us

We help you manage your finances so that your finances aren’t managing you.

We are retirement planning experts. We provide comprehensive financial planning and investment advice through all stages of retirement. We spend a great deal of time with our clients, learning about their unique situation so that we can develop a customized plan that allows them to take advantage of every opportunity they can during planning for retirement.

How Are We Different?

At Cris Financial, we are focused on using tax-efficient investment, insurance and planning solutions that support your best interests. We take a collaborative approach to retirement planning, working in conjunction with you instead of for you, so that you always get the best straightforward advice.

Strategic recommendations paired with ongoing education (in language you can actually understand) helps ensure you get the maximum value out of every minute you spend with us because at the end of the day, the more insight you gain, the better equipped you will be to make important financial decisions.

Your Dedicated Team of Professionals

John Glowacz Photo

John Glowacz

Partner/Financial Advisor
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John Glowacz headshot

John Glowacz

Partner/Financial Advisor


John Glowacz is a Partner and an Independent Financial Advisor with CRIS Financial, LLC.  He is recognized as one of the State’s leading experts on Safe Investment Alternatives and was the voice of Safe Money Radio.  He has been helping individuals and families with tax advantage investment alternatives for 30 years.  John has created a service that caters to people who are frustrated with low interest rate CD’s and are rightfully scared of the crazy and risky stock market, but still want market like gains with minimal or no risk.  His service helps consumers find alternatives to CD’s and the stock market that not only protects their nest egg, but also provides many tax advantages.  The single biggest fear for Retirees and those approaching retirement age is the fear of Outliving Their Money.  John has the uncanny ability of removing those fears with his unique concepts on wealth preservation using solid financial principals. 

John’s credentials include a bachelor’s degree in Business from Lamar University, an NSSA designation as a Social Security Expert, Life and Annuity License, Property & Casualty General Lines License and a Long-Term Care Specialist.  Our sister firm, CRIS Capital, is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) utilizing “Strict Suitability” and “Best Interest Fiduciary Standards”.

As a licensed financial advisor, John brings exceptional market knowledge, passion and integrity.  He also possesses great communication skills and loves helping others obtain their personal financial freedom.  “We want our clients to spend their money with confidence and not live a “Just In Case Retirement”. 

Despite his demanding career in financial services, John is involved with professional associations as well as community organizations.  He is a member of the Health and Life Underwriters Association, the Independent Insurance Agents Association and the Trusted Choice Agents Association.  John has helped 100’s of female athletes acquire College Scholarships.  He was an ASA Junior Olympic Coach for 22 years and mentors At Risk kids at the Juvenile Boot Camp.  John does 200+ speeches per year for Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, sharing his heartfelt personal story and his practical life experiences with hopes of helping others make better informed choices.

John was born in Corpus Christi, Texas.  Family is the most important aspect of his life.  He has been happily married for 37 years to his wife Beth, and together, they have three children and six grandchildren.

Jim Donewald Photo

Jim Donewald

Partner/Fiduciary Financial Advisor
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Jim Donewald headshot

Jim Donewald

Partner/Fiduciary Financial Advisor

Jim Donewald is a name that most folks are getting familiar with in Texas and Midwest area. He has lent his 20+ years of experience to a variety of outlets such as Right on the money, Safe money Radio and CBS Money (watch.com). In between talk shows you can find Jim as an instructor with the nationwide organization “The National Society of financial educators” where he teaches an adult financial literacy classes. 

Besides the willingness to share and educate people, what makes Jim a stand out advisor, at both CRIS Capital & CRIS Financial, is his dual licensing of Securities and Insurance. This allows him to remain unbiased when choosing where investments can truly thrive. 

It started when Jim earned his Finance Degree at Iowa State University. His father, Mr. Donewald, was a successful trader and worked with Jim to get his feet wet. After graduating he went on to obtain his Series 65 License and Life Insurance License. Add that to the determination of a Marathon runner and real estate developer and you get a man who understands hard work and discipline.

Goals are important, Jim works to understand his client’s goals and aids in customizing proper strategies to get the results. In other words, He helps create sound financial programs.

When he isn’t helping others; Jim is a happily married man of 20 years to his wonderful wife Debbie, Mentor to his sons Small Business, Grill Master and new puppy owner.

Setting a New Standard for Client Service

The cornerstone of our financial planning and retirement income solutions are our 5 Foundational Principles. These five core values are incorporated into everything we do to help ensure that every one of our clients receives the highest level of care and attention.

No problem too small, we are always just a phone call or email away. Our goal first and foremost is to provide you with the peace of mind you need to be confident in the path that lies ahead so every step you take gets you closer to where you want to be.

The Principles That Serve as the Cornerstone of Our Services

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The financial industry is filled with empty promises. Our mission is to change the conversation by not just saying what we’re going to do, but also doing what we say. Similarly, we will hold you accountable to follow our recommendations and implement our strategy so your money and time are never wasted.

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From our financial planning fees to our honest opinions, we are an open book when it comes to your concerns and questions. We take wealth management very seriously; with this responsibility comes a need for complete transparency into who we are, what we believe and how we can best serve your needs.

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Even if you pick the option that we recommend the least, we will always stand by your decisions and values. There is always more than one way to achieve the same goal, and we want to make sure the path you take is what you want, not what we prefer. Your dreams and desires will always be our number one priority.

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Before we dive deep into the details, we want to make sure we foster a mutually beneficial relationship where both sides are confident in the other’s actions and beliefs. Our prior experiences guide everything we do, and we hope that from the very beginning, you’ll feel secure and in smart, capable hands.

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We pride ourselves on telling you what you need to hear — not what you want to hear. This means no sugarcoating. No secrets. And never anything but the absolute truth because you deserve open and honest communication about the causes and implications of your financial decisions.

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Getting Started is Easy

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We help you manage your finances so that your finances aren’t managing you.

When managing your money, we believe going the extra mile is always worth it in the long run. We’re “Experienced in Finance, but Invested in futures”

Excitement for what the future has in store begins with confidence in your decisions. We’re here to help make sure the steps you take now help get you to where you want to be later.