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Episode 14 - Addressing Taxes From An Alternative Perspective Thumbnail

Episode 14 - Addressing Taxes From An Alternative Perspective

Taxes, tax planning and tax prevention have an impact on your approach to retirement planning.

In this episode, Jim Donewald sits down with guest Michael Siebold from Bell and Associates to get a different perspective on how retirement planning works in this tax-free space.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why tax planning is so important

  • How to address your taxes

  • The shift from long-term care to hybrid long-term care (and the tax implications of making that change)

  • How to get guaranteed lifetime income through insurance

  • Insights about life insurance

  • And more!

Take advantage of Jim Donewald and Michael Siebold’s discussion as they take a new approach to tax planning for retirement!

Resources: CRIS Financial | John Glowacz | Jim Donewald